FallingAction – Business Games & Simulations


FallingAction is a side project of two founding members of ZackBrandit.

Business Games, Simulations, Role Play and E-Learning all have one trait in common: they delimit a part of reality and are played in a fictional environment. FallingAction helps you develop such environments and methods that immerse the participants and make them feel the game they play is reality!

FallingAction‘s simulations combine technology with human interaction and can be used in academic and professional environments.

We develop various types of simulations from standard and generic simulations to tailor-made models suiting your specific needs. A simulation can help its participants better grasp a specific concept in a short time span; it can help express specific emotions, creativity and discipline, it can inculcate a distinctive behavior or can be used to motivate a unique work model.

The FallingAction team is a network of professional trainers and coaches from all over the world who specialize in specific fields such as Leadership, CSR or Creativity and who understand the impact our SIL model can have on the participants. All facilitators share their know-how in order to help us develop the most advanced training material in their respective fields.

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